End of the Outdoor Season

Summer Market’s put away,
Come again another day!

        (Like Sat., Nov. 14, and Sat., Dec. 12 at the CES gym!)

Sept. 30th Market, yes? YES!

The Canterbury Community Farmers Market is ON!

YES, it will be damp.

YES, it will probably be MORE than damp!

And YES, we WILL be in the center on Wednesday, Sept. 30 from 4-6:30!!

It’s the LAST outdoor market of the season, so join us in the center to get your RAIN-WASHED veggies!

PUMPKINS? They don’t care if it’s pouring.

APPLES? Bring on the rain, they love it!

KALE and SQUASH? You’re gonna put them in the soup pot anyway, so who cares if they’re wet?

FLOWERS? Heck yes! They NEED the rain!

WE will be at the market, the VENDORS will be at the market, the FRUIT, VEGGIES, SYRUP, BREAD, EGGS, and CHEESE will be at the market, SOCKS and SOAP and JAMS and JELLY will be at the market. A whole lot more GOOD STUFF will be at the market!

The big question is, will YOU be at the market? 

We surely do hope so!!! :~)

NH Plein Air Painters

Wed., Sept. 23 — Our special guests bring ART to the mARkeT!

What is NHPleinAir? They are a dedicated group of artists “Painting Landscapes Everywhere In NH And In the Region.” Plein Air artists seek the quality of natural light and atmosphere outdoors. Their artwork is in direct response to the beauty they find in nature.

This Wednesday, some of the area’s most talented outdoor artists will bring their paint boxes and easels to the Canterbury Community Farmers Market, well known for its glowing piles of local fruits and vegetables, gleaming jars of jelly and jam, glistening eggs and leafy greens, as well as the beautiful white spire of the CUCC church and Historic Canterbury Town Hall. Will they paint a portrait of your prancing pup? A beautiful bouquet of fresh picked flowers? The colorful line of tents and people that make up every market? Come and see! The public will be able to join in the fun by watching individual artists work and moving from painter to painter throughout the market. Paintings may be available for sale at the end of the day (though they may still be a little wet!)

Wednesday’s Music will be by Canterbury’s own Tim Gurshin. For many years he has performed solo in New England, and also in Nashville at clubs such as The Bluebird Cafe and Gibson’s, along the way opening for musicians from Aztec Two-Step, Greg Brown to Rustic Overtones. In addition to his own songs, Tim’s live shows feature his own arrangements of classic acoustic music from Bob Dylan to Green Day.

—–>HEADS UP and FYI: Next Wednesday, Sept. 30, is the last outdoor market of the season! Come enjoy the “Fall & Fiber Frolic” event, and help us tuck the market away for the colder months to come. Be sure to bring extra bags to load up on root crops and veggies that are gooooood looooooong keepers!


Like it or not, winter IS coming, so…

…plan to STOCK UP at the last two outdoor markets!

Please think ahead and wash out those canning jars, buy a few extra packs of freezer bags and containers, or start squirreling away those old yogurt and parmesan cheese tubs. There are heaps, baskets, cartons, and coolers full of tomatoes, squash, onions, eggplants and more just waiting to be trucked home to you kitchen and transformed into winter eating deliciousness. There are also piles, heaps, and mountains of winter squash, potatoes, and carrots, all good keepers. And don’t forget the pumpkins!! Oh, and basil for pesto. And garlic, don’t forget the garlic! Wait, wait….you need to make applesauce, too. Boy, you are going to be BUSY…better get a move on!
  • Wed., Sept. 23 – ART at the mARkeT, with NH PLEIN AIR Painters /
    Music by Tim Gurshin
  • Wed., Sept. 30 – Fall & Fiber Frolic / Music by Delanie Pickering

September Days

The days are getting shorter, just a few tomatoes on the vine.
Pumpkins have been picked and night’s are cooler, but still fine!
Only TWO markets left this season, so get your buns in gear,
We are in the center Wednesday evenings,
and we REALLY want you HERE

Wed., Sept. 23 — ART at the mARkeT / Music by Tim Gurshin
Wed., Sept. 30 — Fall & Fiber Frolic / Music by Delanie Pickering

Aug. 26, Hey Hey, It’s Poetry Day!

Share your favorite farm or garden poem! Send your old-time favorite, or an original poem to us at canterburyfarmersmarket@gmail.com.

We will feature them on our website, share them through our FaceBook page, or have copies posted around the Market — look for the bright green poetry papers as you shop!

Here are a few samples of Haiku poetry from last year. The Japenese form of these poems follow strict rules — the format consists of three sentences, each containing five, seven, and five syllables.




Pop open pea pods
Set free some plump round voyeurs –
Peeping toms in green.

“Best I ever had”
Said the man to his new bride,
Tasting her cooking.

Food for the body
So tempting to the spirit.
The table is set.

A child’s game,
I press the balloon against my tongue.
Pop! The tomato bursts.

Another sunrise
Another generation
Thank you, God, I farm.

Music at this event is by Paul Hubert, who performs on guitar, harmonica, banjo and vocals. Paul highlights exciting original tunes and unique covers, distilling a wide range of American musical forms from folk and blues to old-timey and pop into a truly personal, one-of-a-kind style. This guy is a whole buncha fun to listen to – stop on by! Better yet, pull up a seat at one of our picnic tables, and have a good nosh while you enjoy the music.

This is the absolute height of the Market season! Why not bring a friend, or two, and bring home enough tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, onions, and garlic to make a magnificent pot of sauce? You can all share in the chopping, cooking and cleanup, toast yourselves with a good glass of wine (which you can also get at the market), put on the pasta pot, slice the bread and cheese (find them at the market? Check and check!) and have yourself a FEAST! Pack up the leftovers, everyone takes some home, and you have reaped the benefits of not only gooood food, but goooood company. WIN and WIN!!

Don’t forget that the Market now accepts SNAP/EBT, debit, and credit cards. SNAP/EBT recipients, please ask about matching funds, made possible by the generous support of our community members. The Market also extends special thanks to those friends whose sponsorship helps bring music to the Market each week.

The ZU-MATO Festival

Join us this Wed., Aug. 19th, to celebrate ZUcchinis and toMATOes           

This is the season when all the gardens are bursting with our favorite varieties of red and green fruit! Well…and yellow, and brown, and pink, and zebra striped, and orange, and all sorts of crazy heirloom tomato colors.

Contests for the BIGGEST and the BEST DRESSED ZUCCHINI. You can bring your zuke already in costume, or bring it … shhhhhhh … naked … and dress it here using materials we supply. Look below for a few pics from previous ZU-MATO contests.

Do you have a favorite zucchini bread, cake, or fritter recipe? Or perhaps a tomato pie, relish, salsa, or even tomato JAM? Send it to us at canterburyfarmersmarket@gmail.com and we will be happy to print it out to share with others! Stop by the Market Info Tent for free recipes to take home with you.

Zucchini-inspired music will be performed by Andy Miller. (Only kidding…I don’t think that Andy plays a single song about zucchini. But he just miiiight….if you ask him nicely!)

Make the Farmers Market part of your summer plan for good eating and good fun!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the SUPER Market!!

 ”SUPER Market” Event, Wed., Aug. 5, 4-6:30pm, Canterbury Center

Come to Canterbury’s “SUPER Market” and help kick-off NH Eat Local Month! In addition to the great familiar vendors that you expect to find each week, there will be a number of special guest vendors who will bring a SUPER dose of good food and good fun to the Market. Plan to bring an extra reusable bag or two this day, because there will be LOTS of local goodness to fill them with. In fact, you might want to bring an extra friend or two as well!

  • This week our market will also feature the home-made music of Canterbury’s own “Mark Hopkins and Friends.” After practicing for 40 years they ought to be pretty darn good (and they are)! Guaranteed all home-made music, not store bought. Guitar, dobro, fiddle, banjo, and voice.
  • Remember that SNAP/EBT/Debit and Credit Cards are now accepted at the Market! SNAP recipients ask at the Info Tent about matching funds.
  •  Want to get a little silly? Stop in at the Market Info tent and ask for your temporary “I (heart) FARMERS MARKETS” temporary tattoo!

Our Great Weekly Vendors:

  • The Bread Peddler (Sanbornton, NH) — Artisan rye,, pumpernickel, and whole wheat breads, fresh NY style “bialys”, great gluten-free bread
  • Brookford Farm (Canterbury, NH) — Organic milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, flour, produce, meat (pork, beef, chicken)
  • Fen Ridge Farm (Loudon, NH) — Layered kitchen mixes, jam and jellies, fruit pies, flower bouquets
  • Grateful Garlic — Fresh Garlic, Garlic, and More Garlic
  • Hackleboro Orchards (Canterbury, NH) — Seasonal Berries, Apples, and Orchard fruits, Vegetables, honey, and the ever popular cider donuts
  • Kandy Kettle Kitchen (Chichester, NH) — Homemade fudge, lollipops, candies, and freshly squeezed lemonade sweetened with NH Maple syrup
  • Margaret Hoyle (Bristol, NH) — Freshly made wool socks hand-cranked on an antique sock machine
  • Meadow’s Pond Homemade Soaps (Canterbury, NH) — Homemade bar soaps, lip balm, lotions, dog shampoo.  This week look for Janet’s soaps at the “Fen Ridge” table since Janet will be at the Craftsman’s Fair in Sunapee.
  • North Family Farm (Canterbury, NH) — Organic maple syrup, candy, and sugar. Honey. Fresh flowers.
  • Our Place Farm (Loudon, NH)— Pork, beef, and chicken products, broth, goat milk, lard, hand spun yarn, braided rugs.
  • Rock Salt Creamery (Sanbornton, NH) — Vegan ice cream bars. Whole fruit bars using local fruits and berries in season, vegan desserts.
  • Thistle’s All Natural (Loudon, NH) — All natural zucchini salsa.
  • Toast and Jam (Loudon, NH) — Hazelnut/chocolate twist bread, sweet rolls, fruit pies, jams and spreads.
  • Warner River Organics (Webster, NH) — Produce, fruit, plants, salsas, vinaigrettes, pesto.
  • Note: Old Ways Traditions and Old Ways Pizza will not be at the SUPER Market this week. Dave will be at the Sunapee Crafts Fair instead!

Additional Vendors for the Aug. 5th “SUPER Market” 

  • N H Mushroom Company (Tamworth, NH) — Premium Organic Cultivated Specialty Mushrooms
  • Red Manse Farm (Loudon, NH) — Certified Organic Produce, Fruits, Greens
  • Red Fox Farm (Gilmanton, NH) — Sweet or Spicy Pickles, Relish, Chutney, Jam, and Jelly
  • Comte Family Farm (Nottingham, NH) — Beautiful and Tasty Dried Beans
  • Canterbury Breadshop (Canterbury, NH) — Artisan Bread baked in a Wood Fired Oven
  • Song Away Rabbitry (Loudon, NH) — Frozen rabbit meat, Californian, New Zealand and heritage rabbits for show stock.
  • Coffin Cellars (Webster, NH) — Fine, fine, fruit and Berry Wines
  • Gunthers Goodies (Manchester, NH) — Gourmet Dog Treats made from spent beer grains.

Fantastic Photos

Check out the good food and good fun you can find at this (and every) week’s Market!