Wed., September 4

Music by 2 Fiddles, with the Canterbury Morris Dancers

Dudley and Jaqueline Laufman are joined by the Canterbury Morris Dancers. They will delight you with their hanky waving, bell ringing, foot stomping, stick crashing style of English country dancing!

Wed., August 28

This week’s music by BOW JUNCTION

Based in Concord, New Hampshire, this group features traditional folk and bluegrass tunes, including originals, with a touch of Celtic and gospel. The band brings it all together with an innovative and exciting sound! remember, the music at the market is always free for the listening! You can bring your lawn chairs and just soak up the sounds, or browse the market for the best in local farm-to-fork while you enjoy the tunes. 



This is the season when all the gardens are bursting with our favorite varieties of red and green fruit! Well…and yellow, and brown, and pink, and zebra striped, and orange, and all sorts of crazy tomato colors. Come celebrate the season at the ZU-MATO FESTIVAL!

  • Contests for the BIGGEST and the BEST DRESSED ZUCCHINI. Bring your entries to the Market Info Tent on Wed., the 21st no later than 5:30pm. Our panel of esteemed judges will do the weighing and measuring, and the costume judging and announce the winners before the end of the market. Prizes to be determined (however, we can state with certainty that you will NOT win any zucchini!) You may enter either or both contest as many times as you like. We encourage “theme zucchinis.” Why not the entire cast of Star Wars, or Harry Potterini and his friends, Hermionini and Ronini?

  • Everyone is always trying to hide…I mean USE…all those lovely zucchini. Do you have a favorite zucchini bread, cake, or fritter recipe? Send it to us at and we will be happy to print it out to share with others! Stop by the Market Info Tent for recipes to take home with you.

  • Music this week is by Paul Hubert. Hippo magazine has called him “a cross between Muddy Waters, French-café-obsession-era Iggy, and Randy Newman.” His recent release, “High tide will come . . .”, is a collection of 14 tracks featuring Paul on guitar, mandolin, bass, percussion, and harmonica as well as singing and arranging in a variety of styles representing wide ranging interests and influences. He finger picks, he slides, he croons, and, yes, he even rocks!

Wed., Aug. 14 — The Garden Inside Us

Special Demonstration by Hillary Nelson. ”The Human Microbiome: Feeding the Garden Inside Us” Every bit of the human body, inside and out, has been colonized by microorganisms – for every one human cell, we have ten microorganisms living alongside it! Scientists now know that this “microbiome” is essential to our physical and mental well-being. Each one of us has a unique microbiome, and if we want it to be healthy, we need to care for it just the way we would care for a garden. We’ll sample delicious seasonal, local foods that help the body to grow “good” microorganisms, and talk about how to keep away the ones that make us sick. Hillary will be offering good information and tasty sample throughout the market.

Music by Audrey Drake. Her unique musical style combines formal study with her desire to tell stories that speak to all. Audrey’s music combines captivating melodies and beautiful chord phrasing with inspired lyrics that are engaging and interesting!

Heads Up: Check our calendar of events to find out about the ZU-MATO Festival coming up on Wed., Aug. 21!

August is NH EAT LOCAL Month

NH Eat Local Month is a collaboration of the NH Dept. of Agriculture and dozens of businesses, individuals, and groups throughout the state. On Wed., Aug 7, we kick off this very delicious month by inviting you to take your market purchases, pull up a chair, and have a picnic with us! Everything you need for a great meal is just a few steps from the table…you can hardly get more local than that!

There will also be great music by Canterbury’s own Mark Hopkins and Friends. After practicing for 40 years they ought to be fairly good
! According to Mark, their music is all home-made music, not store bought. Guitar, dobro, fiddle, banjo, and voice. Mark Hopkins is himself, and the Friends are Pete Leavenworth, 
Matt Leavenworth
, Jay and Linn Jean, and possibly others.

PS to July 31

Thanks to everyone who came to play on BLUEBERRY & BLUEGRASS Day! 165 people were tapping their toes to the music, browsing through the recipes, and sampling the goodies. What a lovely afternoon!

PPS Don’t forget that August is NH EAT LOCAL month.