See You on Wed., June 25

Bike and Wagon Parade

    • Decorate your bike or wagon with a Farmers Market theme, and you could win a prize! Feel free to be as wild and crazy as you like: Turn your bike into a rolling cornfield? Transform a wagon into a giant market basket? Paper mache a skateboard to look like a giant zucchini? Sure, why not!!

Listen to the Music

    • Today’s Music by “Fiddlin’ Bill” Perry! Bill has been a musician for many a year, and started playing guitar while serving in the USN at age 17. Bill plays guitar, mandolin, fiddle and bass and sings Irish, Blues, 40′s Swing, Country, and Folk music. You will want to pull up a chair and set a spell to enjoy Fiddlin’ Bill!

Around the Market

    • Strawberries are here for sure, and why not pick up some rhubarb to go with them? Be sure to shop for loads of fresh greens, too, some extra sweet and meaty asparagus, early squash, and other crunchy local garden goodness too numerous to list here. There is a good variety of herb and veggie seedlings, and starting this week we will have a new vendor with perennial flowering plants to brighten your yard! Don’t forget to get fresh duck and chicken eggs, and bread for toasting or dipping.
    • Hungry? How about a cider donut, fresh cannoli, veggie pizza, bread and cheese plate, bowl of salad, big cookie, or local-fruit hand pie?
    • Did you bring a friend to the market? If not, why not bring a bit of the market to a friend….we have hand-cranked socks (always fresh!), hand-crafted soaps, layered baking mixes, note cards featuring photos of the market, 4-H crafted canvas bags, and more!

See you there!

Can you find Rooty?

Wed., June 18 — Kids’ Scavenger Hunt!

  • The kids will enjoy scouring the market for all the items on the first scavenger hunt of the season. The hunt will take them to every corner of the market, and even under a table or two. Be sure to have the kids bring their thinking caps, because some of the items will be super tricky. Who will be the first to find the market mascot, “Rooty the Carrot”? Stop by the Activity Tent to sign up.


  • Today’s Music by Mike “Dogbone” English. Come enjoy some old time country blues, ragtime, folk music and humor with “Dogbone” Mike English. From tragic ballads and irreverent tales of human nature to silly stories, this music is great fun!

Around the Market

  • Strawberries are in, but not a ton of them yet (it really has to warm up some). If you want some of the extremely tasty few, you had better get to Hackleboro Orchards early! Winter-stored apples are still juicy and sweet.
  • Be sure to check out the assortment of seedlings at Warner River Organics, as well as Jim’s extremely tasty log-grown shiitake mushrooms.
  • There are bulging bags of gorgeous greens at Spring Hill Farm!
  • The colorful braided rug will catch your attention, but if your looking for a tasty cut of meet, ask Misty at Our Place Farm to open the coolers!
  • Treat your pup to a Cheezy Snowflake or a Cinnamon Squirrel Gourmet Dog Biscuit.  PS Biscuits do not contain real squirrels – they are squirrel shaped, and darn cute!
  • I know a few of our great vendors have not been featured here, so you are just going to have to come to the market yourself and find out how great they are!! Consider this a challenge…can you visit all the tents at the Market? Bring a friend and see who can fill their basket first!

Let’s Eat!

  • Look for Aqua Tree Farm’s toasted bagels with farm-fresh cream cheese, as well as their made-to-order cannolis.
  • Brookford Farm has a new friend, Melina Rosenholm, who will be serving up plates with a selection of freshly sliced Canterbury Breadworks bread and Brookford Farm cheeses.
  • Dave Emerson will be toasting up fresh veggie pizzas in his hot-shot new pizza oven, and selling them whole or by the slice.
  • The Bread Peddlar should have a sack-full of deeelish bialys, and if you don’t know what a bialy is, come find out!
  • Beth Blair at YUMMarket will have pies whole or by the slice, featuring local fruit pies (apple, rhubarb, and strawberry/rhubarb if she can snag any berries before Wednesday), local classic pies (Shaker Lemon), and this week’s GF selection of maple apple cake.
  • Kandy Kettle Kitchen is offering new large cookies to munch on, as well as fresh squeezed lemonade.

Come Picnic at the Market

Come try out our new picnic table! There is plenty to munch on at the market today….bread and cheese and chutney, fruit and fresh greens, a toasty bagel, a cool lemonade or a just-right-temp bottle of locally brewed ale. Finish off with a piece of fudge or a maple sugar candy. What could be finer?

  • Today’s music is by Don Bartenstein. Relax to tunes that put you in mind of Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Paul Simon, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Listen to audio clips at
  • We have reached out to our surrounding communities, hoping to share our market goodness with them. Know a friend from out of town? Do them a favor and bring them to the market with you!

See you Wed., June 4th!

We will have plenty of local goodness to fill your shopping bag on Wednesday. See you from 4-6:30pm in Canterbury Center. Don’t forget to wear your favorite farm or garden hat, and you might win a prize! Live music by Kyle Masterson.

PS This is a test of how well you know your farmers’ market – can you tell what items in the basket pictured above will NOT be available at the first market? Answer next week!