Thanks for a Great Day!

176 folks came to the Market yesterday and enjoyed our “Bluegrass and Blueberries” event. We are so thankful to all the shoppers, and neighbors, and newcomers, and kids, and music lovers, and foodies, and hop-scotch-players, and blueberry bakers, and everyone else who comes and makes our weekly market so dang LIVELY! See you next Wednesday, and remember that August is NH EAT LOCAL month.

Wednesday, July 30 – Bluegrass and Blueberries!

Music today by “Just Because”

This group of talented Lakes Region musicians share a love for acoustic Americana music. Each member brings to the stage their own unique style based on bluegrass, folk, country, blues and world music influences!


Look for the bright blue signs on the vendors to try blueberries in a variety of ways. Visit the Market Info tent where there will be lots of free blueberry recipes to take home. If you have a recipe to share, send it to us at

Wednesday, July 23


Special Event – Kids’ Scavenger Hunt!

The kids will enjoy scouring the market for all the items on one of our famous scavenger hunts. The hunt will take them to every corner of the market, and even under a table or two. Be sure to have the kids bring their thinking caps, because some of the items will be super tricky. Who will be the first to find the market mascot, “Rooty the Carrot”? Stop by the Activity Tent to sign up.

Today’s Music by 2 Fiddles

Dudley Laufman is a renowned contra and barn dance caller, and musician. In 2009 he was made a National Heritage Fellow, the nation’s highest honor in the folk and traditional arts, presented by the National Endowment for the Arts. Together with his partner, Jaqueline, “…Two Fiddles are widely loved and respected in New Hampshire for their tireless efforts to preserve and promote what is called New England barn dancing.”

—–> Yes, we know they are called Two Fiddles and yet we have a picture of Dudley playing the squeeze box. Hey! He’s a multi-talented musician, doncha know. Rest assured, he plays the fiddle, too! :~)

—–> Note to our friends who have been stopping by the website and not finding any new posts: No, we weren’t on vacation! Posts were stalled while the web master was having issues with software updates that didn’t agree with…well, didn’t agree with anything, so nothing could be posted! All better now, knock on wood, salt over the shoulder, spin three times.