Opening Day is June 3!

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the outdoor market season, especially when there is STILL so much snow on the ground! But, the sap is flowing, the chipmunks are out in the yard, and the neighbors have a grow light and Swiss chard seedlings sprouting in the bathroom, so we must be getting closer.

To get you in the mood, here’s a sneak peek at last year’s opening day. Many of our market friends showed up wearing their favorite and festive garden hats. The wearer of the best hat got a surprise prize! The same event will be held opening day this year, so spend a few of the murky days to come planning your head-gear. We’ll be watching for you!



If it’s Town Meetin’ Season…

…then the Farmers Market can’t be far behind!

Hope everyone had a fine time at Canterbury Town Meeting last night.
Short and sweet, for sure, just like a NH summer!

FYI: The Canterbury Farmers Market folks traveled over to the Loudon meeting this this morning, to share some great apples (from Harry at Hackleboro Orchards), and to let them know more about our great community market. Opening Day June 3, and we GUARANTEE it will be SNOW FREE!

OK, everyone reading this post in Canterbury? Turn slightly South-East and wave at our neighbors. Hope to see a lot more Loudon friends at the market this summer!