Wednesday, July 22 — Kids will enjoy a Scavenger Hunt!

  • Bring a friend or two along – adults can do the Scavenger Hunt, too! This activity gives everyone an opportunity to meet the great vendors who work so hard each week to fill the Market, and your pantry. 
  • Be sure to bring your thinking caps, because some of the items will be super tricky. Who will be the first to find the market mascot, “Rooty the Carrot”? Stop by the Activity Tent to sign up.
  • After all that running around, pull up a seat and have a picnic while enjoying the music of Delanie Pickering!
  • Don’t be shy about walking all the way to the back of the Market, talking to the vendors, or peeking over the shoulders of the other shoppers…sometimes just the fruit, veggie, or dairy product you are looking for is hiding in the shade, in a cooler, or is still in the truck! 

Wednesday, July 15 — It’s time to play “Name That Veggie!”

  • Come to the market dressed as your favorite veggie. Can we guess what you are? Stop the market Info tent to try and stump the judges, and you could win a prize! Extra points awarded if you and your pet both get dressed up.
  • Part of the Market mission is to help our community learn more about the food we eat, and the farmers, growers, harvesters, and producers who bring it to the market, and to your table. Events like “Name That Veggie” are fun and educational for all ages! So quick — do you know the difference between kohlrabi and kale? Between rhubarb and Swiss chard? If your answer is “Huh?” then you need to come to the Market this week!
  • Music will be played LIVE, and FREE for the listening, by the ever popular Steve Furbish.
  • PS: Remember, farmers work, and grow, and harvest, and produce RAIN or SHINE (including in big thunderstorms), so the Farmers Market is open RAIN or SHINE (except, sadly, in big thunderstorms).


Wed., July 8 — We welcome our four-footed friends to “Dog Days at the Market.”

  • Stop by the activity tent and recycle some of our beautiful fabric into a bandanna for your four-footed friend. See how your dog does at the “catch the biscuit” game (they get to eat everything they catch). But please, make sure your pet comes on a leash!
  • Music this week will be soulfully supplied by Audrey Drake.
  •  Don’t forget that the Market now accepts SNAP/EBT, debit, and credit cards. Use your cards at the Market Info tent. SNAP/EBT recipients, please ask about matching funds, made possible by the generous support of our community members!
  • The Market extends special thanks to those friends who help fill “Mary Ellen’s Basket”, and whose sponsorship helps bring music to the Market each week.