Thanksgiving Prayer for Farmers

Thank you, God, for farmers.
For those people who have touched the soil,

who have known it intimately,
the feel of it under their fingernails,
the taste of it, the way it smells after the rain.
For those who have cared for animals,
touched them, heard their calls,
nurtured them carefully.

Being a farmer can be a hard life,
the bills don’t match the income,
the weather doesn’t co-operate
or the markets are fickle.
Farmers need us, in hard times as well as good.
Help us to create a community where farmers are respected,
Help us to personally be thankful for their work,
that sustains us in the most basic way possible.

We pray for farming communities around the world
where the rain did not come,
or the rain came too hard, or too late,
for those whose soil is tired,
or who cannot afford the cost of production.
So many in the world are hungry today
because of a poor or non-existent harvest,
or because war interrupted the harvest.
Open the hearts of the world, open our hearts,
to be generous, to share the bounty that we have.

All of our farming relies on the good earth,
and we pray for the earth today, too.
Help us take care of it, help us cherish it,
help us pass it on, safely, to a new generation.

We are thankful for the beautiful home in which we live and grow. We are so thankful for our farmers, who bring such riches forth from the earth and the creatures of the earth.

                          ~ Adapted from the work of Carol Penner

You can visit the market…

…without leaving home! Just click on the “Market Slideshow” link and you will be transported into the middle of our most recent indoor market. You’ll get a sense of the atmosphere, the fun, the community, and an up-close look at the wide variety of local goods, both edible and gift-give-able, that we have to offer.


Now, a slide show makes having a look-see easy, but it certainly is no replacement for experiencing the real thing. Happily, there is another indoor market on Saturday, December 12, from 10am-1pm at the CES gym. We look forward to seeing you there… in person!

Indoor Market, Saturday, Nov. 14


Our traditional market has moved inside for the chillier weather! Find us at the Canterbury Elementary School gym, 15 Baptist Road, Canterbury, NH, on Saturday, Nov. 14, from 10a.m. to 1p.m. The school is located just a smidge up the hill from the center of Canterbury.

  • Come stock up on cold weather greens, root veggies, winter squash, dairy, cheese, meat, bread, syrup and maple products, dried beans, garlic,
    candy, jams and jelly, ice cream, and baked goods.
  • A good selection of hand crafted wood products, hand made soap,
    hand cranked socks, and gifts from the garden.
  • Look for donuts, hot cider, and decorated wreaths, too!
  • SNAP/EBT/Credit and debit cards accepted.

Here’s a complete list of the participating vendors. You’ll recognize many of the vendors as familiar faces from the summer market! But we are VERY glad to have some new faces, and returning guest vendors as well.

  • Brookford Farm (organic vegetables, cheese, dairy products)
  • Fen Ridge Farm (layered baking mixes, wine jelly)
  • Grateful Garlic
  • Hackleboro Orchards (apples, cider, cider donuts)
  • Margaret Hoyle’s Hand Cranked Socks
  • Meadow’s Pond Soaps
  • The Bread Peddler (artisan breads, gluten-free bread, fresh bialys)
  • North Family Farm (syrup, maple products)
  • Our Place Farm (meat, broth, lard, eggs,braided rugs)
  • Red Fox Farm (jam, jelly, preserves, chutney)
  • Rock Salt Creamery (vegan ice cream freshly dipped in chocolate)
  • Thistles All Natural (zucchini salsa)
  • Warner River Produce (greens, root vegetables, winter squash)
  • Toast and Jam (pies, cake, cookies)
  • Jen Hopkins (freshly decorated wreaths)
  • Red Manse Farm (organic produce)
  • Kathie Fife (photography, cards, framed prints, calendars)
  • Canterbury Rascals 4-H (fleece scarves, coasters, trivets)
  • Linda Ray (rabbit furs, hats, and all things rabbit)
  • Comte Family Farms (dried beans)
  • Canterbury Bread Shop (baked in wood fired oven)
  • Nancy’s Chocolates
  • Petal in the Pines (baskets, silk scarves, leaf stones, Swedish almond cake)
  • Christie Burbank (mittens from recycled sweaters)

Thank You!!

Though every once in a while it gets left out of the headline in the interest of saving space, the MOST important word in our name is “Community.”

We give THANKS all the year long for the community of farmers, growers, harvesters, boilers, bakers, crafters, and vendors who do all the hard work to bring such local goodness to the market each week.

We give THANKS to the community of friends and neighbors and supporters and travelers who make time in their busy schedules to come to the market and take advantage of the riches that are there for them, and chat with their neighbors, and listen to the music, and pat the dogs.

We give THANKS to the community members who have stepped up to do the planning and organizing and Emailing and tax-work and schlepping to get the market up and running and keep the selection of products great and the atmosphere friendly.

And we give THANKS to the Canterbury community who has embraced the idea of this special event that happens each week in the center and supports our efforts to bring good food and good community to you all, all the year round.

Many THANKS, indeed!