Dec. 12th Market Was Grand!

THANKS to everyone who shared the market with us on Saturday, Dec. 12. Over 100 friends and supporters came and found us at the CES gym and made the atmosphere quite festive! The Market Board (some of whom are pictured here) would like to wish you all happy holiday gatherings and safe travels to visit family and friends. As always, don’t forget about the butternut squash you have stored under the bed in the spare room!

PS: We’ll see you again at the 2016 outdoor market, already planned for Wednesday, June 8th, from 4-6:30pm in the center of Canterbury. We’ll be in our traditional spot snuggled between the Elkins Library and the historic Town Hall. Get ready for a special market season, because we will be celebrating our TENTH YEAR!!!

Market Vendors for Dec. 12

Hello to all our wonderful market supporters! Here is a list of the vendors who should be at the indoor market this Saturday, Dec. 12, from 10am to 1pm in the C.E.S. gym. While you shop and visit and stroll and nosh, you can enjoy the live music of Canterbury’s own Tim Gurshin!

  • Brookford Farm (organic vegetables, cheese, dairy products, eggs,
    Canterbury Bread Shop bread)
  • Fen Ridge Farm (layered baking mixes, wine jelly)
  • Grateful Garlic (garlic garlic garlic and handmade wrought iron brooches
    and shawl pins)
  • Hackleboro Orchards (apples, cider, cider donuts)
  • Margaret Hoyle’s Hand Cranked Socks (men’s, women’, matched,
    unmatched, all colors!)
  • Meadow’s Pond Soaps (variety of scented and healing soaps and shampoos)
  • The Bread Peddler (artisan breads, gluten-free bread, fresh bialys)
  • Bee Fields Farm (herbal teas, herbs, vinegars and all things herbal)
  • North Family Farm (syrup, maple products, woven pot holders)
  • Our Place Farm (pasture raised meat, broth, lard, eggs, braided rugs)
  • Red Fox Farm (jam, jelly, preserves, chutney, herbal tinctures)
  • Warner River Produce (cold weather greens, root vegetables,
    winter squash, more!)
  • Toast and Jam (pies, cake, cookies, fruit preserves)
  • Thistles All Natural (zucchini salsa)
  • Jen Hopkins (freshly decorated wreaths of evergreen)
  • Red Manse Farm (organic produce)
  • Kathie Fife (photography, cards, framed prints, calendars)
  • Linda Ray (rabbit furs, hats, and all things rabbit)
  • Comte Family Farms (a cornucopia of dried beans)
  • Nancy’s Chocolates (large variety of shapes and fillings)
  • Rock Salt Creamery (vegan ice cream freshly dipped in dark chocolate)
  • Christie Burbank (fun mittens from recycled sweaters)
  • Old Ways Traditions (hand crafted wooden toys, shaker pegs,
    turned wooden bowls)
  • Free the Spoons¬†(hand carved wooden spoons from branches and heartwood)
  • Face Painting by Natalie (unique designs!)

See you soon!

The next indoor market is Saturday,
December 12th, 10a.m.-1p.m.
We are easy to find. Look for us
in the Canterbury Elementary School gym,
15 Baptist Road, Canterbury, NH,
USA, northern hemisphere, planet Earth,
third rock from the sun,
Milky Way Galaxy,