2014 Calendar of Events

Wed., June 4 – Opening Day “Wear Your Favorite Farm or Garden Hat”

  • While it might have been a cold, dark, and dreary day weather-wise, it was a festive day at the market, especially for all the folks who wore their favorite garden hat! 141 friends came to shop, visit, and play at the market today. What a great way to start the 2014 summer season!

Wed., June 11  — Special Event “Picnic at the Market”

  • It’s amazing that the second market in June was still cold and rainy! What’s more amazing is that 161 friends came to the market anyway, filled their baskets, enjoyed the music, and went home happy. Thanks to you all!

Wed., June 18 — Kids’ Scavenger Hunt!

  • What a lively market it was this week! 178 friends and neighbors came to fill their baskets, chat with friends, and enjoy the music. 23 kids participated in the Scavenger Hunt, and they added great energy to the Market, scrambling around and trying to find Rooty the Carrot (shhhhhh….he was hiding in a cooler!)

Wed., June 25 — Bike and Wagon Parade

  • It rained, it poured, the old man snored, and still the market went on! The parade was cancelled, but there was fun to be had in the puddles. Janet gave out free scraps of soap and all the kids had baths! 56 stalwart market friends, and one Concord Monitor photographer, came to the Market. Check out the Facebook page for some great pictures!  

 Wed., July 2 — THANKS to our Members and Supporters Day!

  • My oh my! The sky was dangerous shade of gray. We stood in the center looking up at it, and muttering amongst ourselves. Should we? Shouldn’t we? Then CRACK! BOOM! KABOOM! The skies opened, the vendors scattered, and the market closed. We got out of there just in the nick! Sorry folks – Mother Nature had other plans today….

Wed., July 9 — Special Event “Dog Days at the Market”

  • What a great day! Beautiful weather, a lot of furry friends and TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE! A new market record! Thanks to all who came! Thanks to all who came with dogs! Thanks to all who came and brought FRIENDS! There’s a great photo album at the Facebook page. Go see who the two winning canines were. You won’t believe the costumes! Here’s a hint….between the winning pup and her costume, there were 12 legs!!

Wed., July 16 — Special Event “Name That Veggie”

  • It was a crazy, windy morning, but everything cleared up by market time. What a pretty afternoon – and 175 folks came to market to enjoy it! Lots of fun playing the “Name that Veggie” game. Hop on over to our FaceBook page and check out the photo album! Feel free to LIKE us while yo are there…

Wed., July 23 — Kids’ Scavenger Hunt!

  • The market itself was great – clear weather, cool breezes, and 197 PEOPLE, WOO HOO! But just as we were cleaning up, the sky got black, the wind picked up, and we all blew out of there just before the storms hit. Perfect timing yet again! THANKS to everyone who came out to shop and visit and join the scavenger hunt. All the kids had fun…where was that Rooty the Carrot hiding, hmmmm? Did you find  her?

Wed., July 30 — Special Event “Bluegrass And Blueberries”

  • 176 folks came to the Market yesterday and enjoyed our “Bluegrass and Blueberries” event. We are so thankful to all the shoppers, and neighbors, and newcomers, and kids, and music lovers, and foodies, and hop-scotch-players, and blueberry bakers, and everyone else who comes and makes our weekly market so dang LIVELY! 


Wed., August 6 — Special Event “Come Picnic at the Market”

  • THANKS to all who came to “Picnic at the Market” today. 217 fine folks showed up – a NEW RECORD! It was a beautiful day with a lot of great food and a satisfying mix of home-grown music. A perfect way to kick off NH Eats Local Month!

Wed., August 13 — Special Event “Bountiful Baskets”

  • Boy oh boy, did Mother Nature have other plans for us today! The market was CANCELLED due to rain, wind, rain, thunder, rain, lightning, and oh yes, RAIN!!! Crazy 4 inches of wet stuff fell from the sky over the course of the afternoon, and the wind was driving all that water ahead of it in sheets across the parking area where the Market is usually held. But not this week – EEGAD!

Wed., August 20 — Special Event “The Zu-Mato (zucchini & tomato) Festival”

  • There were zucchinis, there were tomatoes, there were 165 happy shoppers, music-listeners, browsers, munchers, chatters, dog-walkers, and new friends! THANKS to all who came to visit on this lovely sunny day!

Wed., August 27 — Hey, Hey, It’s Poetry Day!

  • 120 people came to play.
    It was a lovely Market day!
    Weather was good,
    And tomatoes ripe,
    We didn’t have a single gripe!

Wed., September 3 — Special Event “Morris at the Market”

  • This was the quintessential Market Day – cool, breezy, boat-loads of tomatoes, fresh corn, the first apples, bulging baskets of everything else the garden adn farm has to offer, PLUS lots of bells and dancing. 168 folks thought today’s Market was swell!

Wed., September 10 — Make a Veggie Instrument

  • Kids will enjoy a special activity just for them, “Make a Veggie Instrument.” Sign up at the activity tent.
  • Today’s Music by The Kid Jazz Band. Live jazz, bop & swing like you have never heard , played by the very talented LeMieux boys & their fantastically gorgeous (yet humble) parents. The Kid Jazz Band performs Swing Jazz from the 30′s and 40′s, originals, and more. The boys in the band are all home-schooled, which allows them to travel more easily. Three of the band members are under 19 years old! How good are they? The group was featured on WMUR TV’s NH Chronicle. Why not put on your dancing shoes, and come boogie at the market. Bring your dancing partner, of course!

Wed., September 17 — Special Event “Blues, Brews, & BBQs”

  • There will be lots of different BBQ sauces to sample, as well as freshly grilled local sausages to try them on, and you can take your “brew” and enjoy it at one of our picnic tables while you enjoy the music. Free recipes available for the sauces, many of which will be made by the farmers’ market Board Members!
  • Today’s Music by Mike “Dogbone” English. Come enjoy some old time country blues, ragtime, folk music and humor with “Dogbone” Mike English. From tragic ballads and irreverent tales of human nature to silly stories, this music is great fun!

Wed., September 24 — Special Guests “NH Plein Air brings ART to the mARkeT”

  • What is NHPleinAir? They are a dedicated group of artists “Painting Landscapes Everywhere In NH And In the Region.” Plein Air artists seek the quality of natural light and atmosphere outdoors. Their artwork is in direct response to the beauty they find in nature.
  • Today, some of the area’s most talented outdoor artists will bring their paint boxes and easels to the Canterbury Community Farmers Market, well known for its glowing piles of local fruits and vegetables, gleaming jars of jelly and jam, glistening eggs and leafy greens, as well as the beautiful white spire of the CUCC church and Historic Canterbury Town Hall. Will they paint a portrait of your prancing pup? A beautiful bouquet of fresh picked flowers? The colorful line of tents and people that make up every market? Come and see! The public will be able to join in the fun by watching individual artists work and moving from painter to painter throughout the market. Paintings may be available for sale at the end of the day (though they may still be a little wet!)
  • Today’s Music today by Tim Gurshin. For many years he has performed solo in New England, and also in Nashville at clubs such as The Bluebird Cafe and Gibson’s, along the way opening for musicians from Aztec Two-Step, Greg Brown to Rustic Overtones. In addition to his own songs, Tim’s live shows feature his own arrangements of classic acoustic music from Bob Dylan to Green Day.

Wed., October 1— Special Event “Fiber Frolic”

  • This is the last outdoor market of the 2014 season!
  • There will be spinning, and weaving, and rug-braiding, and sock-cranking, and llamas and alpacas and wool and all kinds of fibers and frolic-ing! Everyone can help add to the large and local fiber banner, and kids can scamper through the market on one of our fantastic “Scavenger Hunts.” Do you know the difference between llama fiber and wool? Which is the “warp” and which is the “weft”? And just how DO you hand-crank a sock? Come to the Fiber Frolic and find out!
  • Today’s Music by…???? We are still working to get a great musician for this day. Why not stop by and see who we find? They are sure to be worth the trip!


  • Saturday, November 15, 10am-1pm, location to be announced.
  • Saturday, December 13, 10am-1pm, location to be announced.