Become a Market Member

Your membership helps to sustain the market and make it GROW

The Canterbury Community Farmers Market is seeking new and renewing
members for the 2017 season! We invite you to support our mission to promote community, local food and agricultural products through regular dynamic farmers markets.

  • Our weekly market is an important venue for the community to connect with our local food producers!
  • Market memberships represent 50% of our basic operating budget each year. Stall fees from our vendors and music sponsorships make up the rest of our income.
  • Your $25 membership dues helps us to afford great activities for children and adults, events, demonstrations, “Mary Ellen’s Basket” (the Market’s charitable giving program), matching funds to SNAP recipients, and advertising.
  • A vibrant farmers market is a win-win for you and the community!!

In addition to your membership, please consider supporting local talent by sponsoring one of the weekly musicians. The mix of artists are the spices that help bring out our market’s distinctive flavor! If you have a little time to spare, we are also very happy to have extra helping hands on Market day and at special events.

Check here for a 2017 Market Membership Form. Or, better yet, come to Canterbury and visit the Market on any Wednesday afternoon, June 7-Oct. 4, from 4-6:30 p.m. and see for yourself what your membership dollars will be supporting.

Finally, THANK YOU! We work hard to bring you the best farmers market we can. Your support helps us make a better market for you, your neighbors, and the whole community.